Meet the Characters

The youngest brother of the perch, Sesom is brave and very curious. He dares to ask the Finmaker for whatever his heart desires. He often gets in trouble for being young and naive. His stutter disappears after his encounter with the Fire Fish.

The middle brother of the perch, RaaOn is shy and very cautious about strangers. He is very technical with strong problem solving skills, and he deeply loves his little brother Sesom.

The older sister of the three perch, Sarai is caring and always hopes in all things. She leads well with her mother-like attitude, loves adventures and challenges, and is able to inspire others to trust and know the Finmaker.

Doesn’t believe in anything but his own iron claw. He is grumpy and despises the weak. He is always looking out for his own well-being.

The fastest swimmer in the Big Blue, he is fearless, loves to chatter, and is very confident in his ability to survive in wild, unknown territory.


The ageless turtle that lives in the calling caves. He is humble, gentle, and his words of wisdom strengthen the new-found visitors.

His favorite game is Hide and Seek in the Big Blue. He is always "it" because he is so easy to spot, and is not as scary as he sounds.


Eel is deceitful and always looking for an easy meal. His bright eyes try to trick fish into thinking he is a Fire Fish.

She blends in with every green blossom and rock. By constantly changing her fashion displays she keeps her enemies fooled.


She is a great magician and can disappear in a flash. She depends fully on her own multi-tasking ability to escape every danger there is.